Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Down, Two to Go

There has been one snowfall since the peepers started to sing on March 28. According to the weather lore, that means we will have two more to go. It snowed, about an inch on March 29th, the day after the frogs chorus started. We'll see what happens.
Here the spring peeps normally start the last week of March, last year was an exception; it was April 3rd. For me, it means time to plant the peas. If you have any weather lore about spring, why not place a comment?
According to some news articles, a lot of people are planning a vegetable garden this year, “Recession Gardens”, to save food money. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars this year if planted wisely. Be sure to check out some of the links; CNN News and Dan at Urban Veggies Blog
Fellow Helium writer Kathleen Richardson also has some great gardening artciles. She also wites a good Zone blog on the southern Tier in nearby New York State.
On April 11 in Sagertown at the H&H store, the Crawford County Pomona Grange will have a bake sale beginning at 9 am. The proceeds help to fund the many activities sponsored by the Grange, which is also a great resource for vegetable garden information. If you would like to contribute or need more information, just leave a comment at the end of this entry.
Also on April 11th at 7 p.m., there will be a Pomona Grange meeting at the Hayfield Grange Hall. Everyone is welcome to this meeting. It is a good time to get aquainted with the active organization which has a wide range of activities for the entire family.
On April 1st, students from the Linesville High School Envirothon Team planted trees and shrubs to help form a riparian buffer zone at the Wilson Boat Launch area of Pymatuming. Trees and shrubs are planted to help erosion problems, pollution concerns and a better habitat area for fish and other wildlife. The Crawford County Conservation District was one of the major sponsors in the effort. Brian Pilarick, a watershed specialist at the district was one of the leaders in the project. We'll have an update soon and how the project went.
For other gardening articles please visit some of what I have written at Helium. The latest artcile is on comapnion planting. For even more information, click on the title. It will take you to my Zone blog, Rosy Reds, the Frogs and the Vegetable Garden. Thanks for the visit.

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