Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go Green: Go Real Green

Everyone wants to go green. And rightfully so, the planet is in a lot of environmental trouble. Global warming is perhaps on the top of the list. But there are other green issues: Clean Air, Clean Water, the overuse of toxic chemicals in agriculture and even in the home vegetable or flower garden or the lawn. For some information on toxic chemicals and pesticides on Helium , click on the title or here.

June is a good time to go green in another sense. June is a good month to get outside and enjoy the green, and the pinks, the whites, the reds Mother Nature has on display. It is all free and generally unplanned. The woodlands, meadows and parks are “green” alive as are the creeks lakes and ponds.

June is also a busy month with graduations, weddings, Father's Day, getting the yard together and the vegetable and flower gardens planted. The pace of the month makes it even more important to go green and enjoy; there is really no need to go on an exotic vacation to some distant country. Sometimes it is a step out the back door or a short ride away.

The lone foxglove was never there before by the edge of this woodland pond. It bloomed today. Will it be there next year? Will there be more? Did a bird drop the seed?

Behind the foxglove in the photograph, the white dots are actually native water lilies blooming. So I had to get a close up photograph without getting soaking wet.

It is a scene duplicated throughout northwestern Pennsylvania and across much of North America. Take a few moments and go green, get outside and really Go Green. Relax.

An aside: On June 25th, 1876 pne of the worst US military disasters in history occurred at the Battle of Little Big Horn under the leadership of General Custer. There is a rich Native American history in northwestern Pennsylvania which is often overlooked and forgotten. It is a tragic story. So I think I'll dedicate the photograph of the white lily to all those who died and suffered on both sides in that horror. I;m sure there are some local connections, so if anyone would care to provide them, it would be appreciated.

And again for some other fun blog reading see Kathleen Richardson (she's trying hard to cut away some pounds) at On Your Way to the Top.Thanks.

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