Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jalapeno Kitchen Tip: When It's Hot, It's Hot

I often wondered about this. Now, maybe be an answer. Ever buy Jalapeños and when you get home, some are hot, while others have little flavor and very little heat? It seems that the older the Jalapeño the more heat and flavor, according to one blog I was reading. And this tip seems to work.

Look for white streaks on the pepper and those turning red. They have more heat. Naturally, the seeds and the inner membrane are where the heat is concentrated but the hotter ones, even the green ones, have the white streaks on the outer skin.

I tried this. It works. I purchased two Jalapeños the other day. One was an appetizing green, the other a duller green with the streaks. The streaked one won in my kitchen taste test. It was hotter.

My garden Jalapeños are doing okay this year but like most vegetables, the Jalapeños are late. I blame the cold wet weather this region has had since the beginning of the season. The average temps, from the airport some thirty miles away on the more temperate lake shore, was 65 degrees F. Inland areas were worse than that, according to my unscientific observations with upwards of a foot of rain in July.

Late Tomato and Potato Blight Update

Late blight is continuing it's fatal march across much of eastern north America. A google news search on the subject is something of an eye-opener. There are reports of the blight in counties in some Pennsylvania counties, nearby Ohio and New York. No reports as of yet in the northwestern areas of the state.

However, the blight travels quickly with the wind, so I would think it is likely to make it's nasty appearance. For some photos and more information and links on the blight, what to look for and do, click here. I have a few questions in to local ag extension offices which I will share when they respond. The blight is not dangerous to human health or peppers like jalapenos.

To learn more about precautions and what to to do, click here.


Judging for Grange Family Activities contest will be held at the Hayfield Grange Thursday, August 5th beginning at 7 pm. The contest involves quilts, sewing and embroidery and baking. First place winner will move on to state Grange competition in October. I don't think they have a jalapeno chili cook-off but a lot of good pies and cakes.

Hospital dolls should also be brought to the grange hall the same evening. This is a great program where volunteers make dolls which are used by the local emergency volunteer people and medical centers and given to injured children. This is a terrific program for kids and means a lot to them,

Grange membership is open to anyone and there are a lot of activities and fun things for the entire family. More information, just leave an comment here and it will be forwarded or contact any local grange hall. It is a great organization.

Union City Art Project

Everyone, all ages, even the non-artists, are invited to help construct a mosaic tile bench in downtown. The bench was built by Union City High School students with material donated by a local manufacturer, MFG. Times are, beginning August 12th, from 9:30 am to noon and again on Fridays from 1pm to 5:30 pm. For more information, contact abbebiebel@aol.com

For the Heck of It:

This is really scary – as of today August 4th, only 49 days till Autumn. Ughhhh. And to reader BW, I haven't seen any chupacabra in the woods yet but did see a game commission vehicle on the road yesterday. Buy some Jalapenos and give a holler if the tip works for you.

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