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Veterans Day

Veteran's Day

Tragically, the events at Fort Hood last week, are a bloody reminder of the dangers and sacrifices faced by our military. The gruesome carnage unfolded a few weeks before one of America's most important days of remembrance. Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11th.

Originally, the day was known as Armistice Day to mark the ending of World War 1. In 1954, under President Dwight Eisenhower and following action by the US Congress, the day was re-named Veterans Day to remember all of our veterans who fought to preserve our freedoms and liberty.

In many communities, it is a special day with memorial services, communal dinners, even parades. In some, it is the day when in a solemn ceremony the flags placed on graves during Memorial Day are burned.

In many communities, veterans organizations such as the American legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are named after the first person from that region who was killed in action. In Union City, a small community in rural northwestern Pennsylvania, the American Legion Post, #237, is named after Lynn LeBarron, a 19 year old private, who was killed in France during World War 1.

The LeBarron Post is one of the largest and most active in a five county area. Hung on the interior walls are many photos of local service men and women, including a picture and a letter written by Lynn LeBarron. It's a likely scenario in towns and cities everywhere.

And there are many forgotten and nameless who sacrificed their lives or lived out their lives crippled and maimed. Older cemeteries with faded graves still decorated with planted heirloom flowers from another era are full of stories and sacrifice.

Wednesday is an important day to stop and reflect and then, do something.

Holiday Mailings to Our Troops

Nov. 13 -Parcel Post to military APO/FPO addresses.
Dec. 4 -First-Class cards and letters or Priority Mail to military APO AE ZIP 093 addresses.
Dec. 11 -First-Class cards and letters or Priority Mail to all other military APO/FPO addresses.
Dec. 18-Express Mail Military Service to all military APO/FPO addresses except APO ZIP 093.
Dec. 4 -Priority Mail and First-Class Mail to Africa and Central or South America International Mail locations.
Dec. 11 -Priority Mail and First-Class Mail to all other International Mail locations.
Dec. 12-Express Mail International to Africa and Central and South America.
Dec. 17 -Express Mail International to all other countries (except Canada, Dec. 18).
Dec. 19-Global Express Guaranteed to all countries (except Canada, Dec. 20

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Plant an Oak Tree

Oaks are majestic trees which symbolize strength. This year, the acorn crop is very heavy in some areas. It's easy to take a couple and plant them and grow your own oak tree. Why pay expensive prices at nurseries and big box stores?
Take the acorn and simply push it into the ground, just under the surface, where you want it to grow. Be sure to mark the spot. The acorn should sprout at the onset of warm spring weather.
The acorn can also be placed in a container with drainage holes and placed outside to endure the winter. It helps to cover the pot with screening or mesh to prevent a hungry critter from enjoying a mid-winter meal.
The growing seedling should be transplanted soon after it begins to grow in the pot. They develop are rather long tap root quickly. Once transplanted for the first year or two, I use tomato cages to protect the seedling from rabbits and deer. An oak seedling is a delicacy for some critters.
There are many different species of oak which can be identified either from the bark or the leaves. For wildlife, many chose to plant the valuable white oak, but a red oak is also a valuable wildlife food source and a majestic tree. For more information on how to grow an oak tree for free, click here.

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Send a Card attend a worthy benefit
This has been checked through Snopes and has been posted on Facebook by a number of different people. Noah Biorkman, five years old, has stage IV neuroblastoma. His family is planning on an early Christmas sometime in mid November. Noah wants Christmas cards. Cards would be appreciated: Noah Biorkman, 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178
Locally there are two individual benefits at Mound Grove; onefor Dan “Mrytle” Merski, who is suffering from Crohn's disease; and another for JonPaul Sandusky, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident last week. Merski's benefit is November 21st at Mound Grove; Sandusky's benefit will be November 22.

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