Monday, July 15, 2013

Get the Blues for Health

 It is now the Blueberry Harvest season in much of the northern areas of the USA and Canada. It's no secret that blueberries are one of the top rated native foods for health and flavor. As a native American bush, the blueberry has quite a long history both in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet.
They are hardy bushes and can be used attractively as a hedge row in the yard or as a garden border. Why not grow your own?
For some more information and details on the medicinal benefits and how to grow blueberries, Get the Blues.

Mid Summer Harvests

Borage is a beneficial herb to have in any vegetable garden. The dazzling star blue flowers are attractive to the eye and attract many pollinators. The bees enjoy the herb so much it is often call the bee plant. It is hardy, easy to grow, and readily self sows. More details and information on Borage, Get the Blues.

The first Garlic harvest also is ready for harvest in mid-summer, from late June to mid July. The twisting scapes on the hardneck varieties of garlic are flavor and healthy. For more on the scapes, First harvest.
Garlic is usually planted in the fall, usually during October here in Northwestern PA. Check with local growers to see what grows best in your neighborhood. Many roadside stands and farmers markets will be selling garlic bulbs soon. The largest of the cloves in the bulb can be planted for a future harvest in 2014. Gardeners should be aware that the supermarket garlic is generally a softneck garlic which does not produce a scape.





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The md-summer fish kill - the bad blues

Northwestern Pennsylvania had a lot of rain during June as well as some powerful storms, one in Union City and the other in Canadohta Lake. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported in either storm.
The fish in French Creek just below the spillway at the Union City, however, were not so lucky. The rising waters of French Creek trapped hundreds of fish in a hole about 200 feet downstream from the spillway.
When the water receded, the fish died.
The picture above was taken by Brandon Ploss Canadohta Lake who was fishing the spillway area the afternoon of June 17. It is unclear if there have been previous kills in the past and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), responsible for the dam, was unaware of the kill until contacted.
Jason Bowers, the newly appointed USACE manager of the Union City Dam, said he will look into the matter after being informed on July 13.
For some more information and details on the Union City Dam, Flood Control

Political Blues at mid-summer

Last week, food stamps were removed from the 2014 Farm Bill. Food Stamps help to provide nutrition and food to many of the poor, the elderly and the sick. The action is the result of several conservative members of the US House of Representatives.
Many of these same politicians work very hard for special interest groups who don't like paying taxes and have the money and the votes to fund rich American loopholes. Many of these same conservatives preach the Bible – well, the verses they can twist that benefit their agendas. Disgusting.
Please forward a copy of the New Testament Beatitudes to your favorite Representatives.

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