Saturday, May 10, 2008

The American people, as well as much of the world's population, has endured a lot of misery under the Republicans of the last eight years. Hopefully, common sense will rule on election day and the Democrats will be returned to the White House, and win the greatest possible number of seats in both the House and the Senate.
To give the Republicans another term of power would be sheer idiocy and perhaps even an irrational act of suicidal proportions.
Granted, the Democrats are not first in line for sainthood, but they have not stooped to the depths of the GOP ever since the disputed 2000 Florida election. But, anyone would be hard pressed to find a Democratic administration as corrupt as the present day Republicans. The GOP scandals are simply too enormous.
The large numbers of Democrats and Independents participating in the current primary selection process are simple, plain evidence of the disgust in America with the present situation. The numbers are historic. The American voter is the most educated and informed in the entire world and clearly, they are not happy.
There are a number of reasons for the unease in America with the current administration; religion, the corrupt economy, a bellicose foreign policy and a disregard for the environment..
The demise of the GOP is largely due to the takeover of the party by the right wing, zealots of the so called Christian evangelicals. Fundamentally, the authoritarian and paternalistic attitude of “my way or no way” of the religious right wingers has led to the sad and ugly divisiveness in American politics. The GOP needs some time off to cast off the religious fanatics.
America has always been appalled at the very thought of state sponsored religion.
The GOP has also shot itself in the other foot with voodoo economic policies. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that our economy has wrecked. What is really behind the collapse of the housing market or escalating oil prices? Simple greed and corruption in the halls of power may prove to be one straightforward answer.
The GOP legacy of the last eight years has been a mishandled war. More and more, people are coming to the realization that we entered Iraq on shaky, if not outright false pretenses. We have lost thousands of soldiers and squandered billions of dollars while destroying another country and creating thousands of new terrorists.
Any serious foreign policy observer clearly understands that the foreign policy of this nation for the last eight years has been an epic failure.
The last eight years have simply not been good for our environment. There has been a disregard for clean air and water standards, our national park system is in disarray and the country remains undecided on a course to tackle global warming issues.
Yes, it is time for a major change in Washington and the Democratic Party stands at an important threshold. The Republican Party needs a major “time off” to cleanse itself. Hillary Clinton should now exit after a hard fought, but loosing battle. It would be good for America and the world.