Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nature, Politics and Religion

Today is a rain day meaning I have some time to spend indoors and get some writing done. The weather has been near perfect since the last entry and I have spent a lot of time in the yard and backyard veggie garden.
This year I want to get a little stand together in the driveway and try to make some extra cash from selling some of the extra produce I grow. Writing jobs are scarce because the economy has pretty much tanked.
This past week nature really started to wake up. The bull frogs started croaking within the last couple of days and the jack-in-the-pulpit plants started blooming. They are an unusual, exoctic looking plant. The trilliums are started to bloom and the leeks are at their peak.
This week Obama seems to have clinched the nomination after a big win in North Carolina and just missed a victory in Indiana. I think he is the best nominee for the Dems for a number of reasons.
I guess one of the simplest reasons is I like the way in which Obama campaigns, his approach, his style. Clinton seems much too aggressive and almost "mean" in her approach.
But whoever the nominee will be, I will vote for because we don't need anymore Republicans running the county. The last eight years have been very difficult.
What is troublesome about the last eight years is the disregard for the truth. There is a spin for everything it seems irregardless of the facts. I wonder sometimes if that has filtered down into the popular culture. There just seems to be a general disregard for facts and evidence.
Perhaps, religion plays a role in this disregard. Too many preachers, too many churches proclaim they have the answers, the correct insights into the great mysteries, the direct pipeline to the Almighty's plan.
Perhaps, it is time to renew our sense of wonder and amazement; to stand in awe; to go quietly and pray, meditate alone or with a few others rather than standing before huge television crowds in multi-million dollar mega-chuches and arm waving congregations.