Friday, July 25, 2008

Computer, Politics and some local news.

The old computer finally died this week around July 22. So on the 24th borrowed some money and bought a new one. The operating system is Windows Vista and so far does not seem too bad, not a lot of funny stuff. Hopefully.
Obama has been in Europe and the Middle East all week. From what I can see, he did a fantastic job for this country with a more people oriented approach rather than the arrogrance we have witnessed over the last 8 years.
McShame was here in the states and was being his typical grouchy old self. He really seems to to nothing buy complain and make snarky remarks. Of course, it was fine for him to go to a fund raiser in England and give a political speech in Canada about the good times with NAFTA.
Brady Sonney's youngest daughter, Allison was killed by the family dog yesterday. It was a horrible tragedy and the first time a dog has killed a person in recent memory in these parts. No one understands just yet what and how it happened.
Finally, we have had some rain in the last couple weeks, it is really wet and soggy outside.
more later....