Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McShame (aka Bush #3) has really made an ignorant fool of himself this past week or ten days. He keeps telling lies despite the fact he has been called on it; despite his pledge to run an honest campaign, he has now sunk into the cess pool of GOP politics. He just comes across as a grumpy old man.
And he wants to lead the free world? Good Mother of God!
What I think is important here, however, are the family values involved in the McShame behavior - the same arrogant behavior we have had to live under for the last eight years.
The family value is really a personal one as well - it is called truth and honesty. Is the McShame campaign teaching our young people that it is alright to outright lie? That it is alright to be mean and nasty?
A lot of Hollywood celebs are rightly scorned for how they infleunce our young - the GOP fruit cake squad is perhaps even worse. They are a real and present danger to our Democratic ideals and freedoms.
And while I am thinking about it, there seems to be a commandment which stipulates that we should not bear false witness against anyone.
Well, maybe McShame and crowd are acting like little school bullies because they know darn well they will loose in November.
But that isn't a good reason to lie to America or the world.
And I don't hear any outcry from the Christian right about teaching our younger citizens it's okay to lie. But then again, many in the Christian right camp are wolves in sheep's clothing.
What a bunch of creeps!