Saturday, January 31, 2009

Canadohta Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

VanTassel's Timberland Bait Shop will have their second annual Canadohta Lake Ice Fishing tournament February 14th and 15th this year. I spoke with Gerry, the owner, this morning and there's plenty of ice.
The tournament opens at eight in the morning on Valentine's Day and closes on the 15th at 5p.m.
The cost is only $10 and for people under the age of 12, $5. Entry forms can be obtained at any business at the lake and the tickets are good for the entire two day event, headquartered at the public boat launch.
That is where Gerry will be for most of the tournament serving up free hot dogs and sloppy Joe's Last year, there were about 160 anglers, who came from throughout the tri-state region; it was a great time with an almost festival-like atmosphere. It was cold but sunny last year. I'm not a 100 percent certain who provided the smoked whitefish but it was some of the best.
There will be 50-50 tickets, special awards and prizes, and monetary awards for the biggest and heaviest fish caught (same as last year), northern pike, muskie, walleye and bass.
Gerry can be reached at the bait shop at 814-694-3474 or on his cell at 814-887-8369.
Scenic Canadohta Lake is a great fishing place; a good get away place.. There are cottages to rent and plenty of places to eat.
Photo:Angelers decorate a sled used to haul equipment on the frozen lake.
Photo: Gerry VanTassel (left) stands with Centerville, Pa resident, Terry Miller, who caught a prize winning 20/3/4 inch walleye during last year's ice fishing tournament.