Friday, January 30, 2009

A wild snow storm - again

January 30, 2009

We had a powerful storm beginning on the 28th in the afternoon. It didn't really settle down until yesterday. There was a lot of snow, maybe some 20 inches when it was over. Walking up to the beechwood pile this morning, it was waist deep and some of the drifts were even upwards of six feet deep. It took some digging to find the wood pile.
If the weather reports are accurate, we should get some snow and more cold this afternoon and tonight, and then maybe a little warming until late Monday when another storm is expected with more “significant” snowfall.
Some sections of the country got hit pretty hard with ice and snow and there are places where the ice knocked out all the power and they say it won't be restored for a couple weeks. At least I still have electric power and can still find a woodpile in the woods. It's a pain but it's there. The wood we brought down here is all but gone now.
So is much of the garden. The compost bin is barely visible (photo) and it looks like the fence is taking a beating.