Friday, September 4, 2009

Many Moons and the Full Corn Moon

Manyel and Speckled Roman Ripen on the Full Corn Moon

The Manyel and Speckled Romans are starting to turn ripe with more vigor. It has been a late year year for tomatoes and, to date luckily, no late blight has appeared.

Manyel is a heirloom variety said to be of Native American origins. While a lot of sources make that claim and even translate the name “Manyel” to mean, “many moons”, I can't find any hard documentation (yet). But it is a great tasting yellow tomato with what I think is a great flavor. It's hardy and productive. The plants I grew this year, as in the past, were started from seeds saved in previous years.

I did spray the Manyels with compost tea and a baking soda spray several times a week over the rainy summer, both reputed to help against the blight. Perhaps, the sprays worked, perhaps the variety is more resistant to late blight. There are a lot of questions and few answers.

My second favorite is a variety called “Speckled Roman”. It is something like a giant Roma, a lot of pulp, very few seeds and flavorful. It makes a great sauce and often I have to add some juicier tomatoes. The Speckled Roman is also one of the best for drying. Like Manyel, it is indeterminate, open pollinated, and a heavy producer. It too was sprayed with home remedies for the blight.

It really isn't a heirloom but rather a newer introduction, a cross between a Banana Leg and an Antique Roman. It was developed by a plant breeder, John Swenson. This tomato is an orange-ish red color with yellow streaks, with the Manyel, it makes a great colorful combination in the garden.

For color, flavor and production, these two tomatoes are worth consideration next year.
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Fleas and Ticks – Be Careful

Now that summer has arrived in early September with the Full Corn Moon, fleas and ticks are a problem. Be careful using the the spot on treatments, be sure to follow the directions carefully if you use the stuff. Click here to get more information, these products can be harmful and in some cases fatal to children and pets.


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Adopt a Horse

National Adopt a Horse Day is scheduled for September 26 in 19 locations. If you have the space and the time, consider adopting and helping these beautiful animals. Click here for more information. Congratulations to Linda Nickerson who will be writing more about horses on the national level.

Mountain Ash Lore

Some folklore says that an abundance of mountain ash berries predicts a mild winter. Well, the trees here in northwestern Pennsylvania have lots and lots of berries this year. The berries, for the creative cooks, can be used to make jams and jellies and wine. Learn more about our native Mountain Ash trees.

Clean Water Festival

If your in the area and free, check out the Clean Water Festival at the Woodcock Nature Center September 26. It's free and a lot of fun activities for the entire family. For more information,
or call Brian Pilarcik at 814-763-5269

For the Heck of It:

Elderberries are getting ripe. They do make a great pie and some of the best jelly. There's been some talk how the berries might help reduce H1N1 flu symptoms, well, maybe they did that many moons agop, stick with modern medicine, but I wouldn't dismiss the idea. There will be lots of those claims but natural foods do have benefits.

Joe Pye Weed is blooming. The plant attracts a good many pollinators and is a good wildflower to have in an ornamental garden. No one seems to know for sure where the name originated but it sure isn't a weed in an obnoxious sense.

Many moons of eating fresh corn, even the frogs on the lily pads in the background agree.

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