Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wildflowers, Wildhorses, and Other Wild Stuff

Wildflowers are Health Care

Wildflowers create the most important, most unexpected and the most colorful gardens on the planet. No landscaper can replicate the display. With September is the advent of the colorful woodland display of autumn leaves, but the meadows and woods are already bursting alive with other sights. It will be a display which will last until Jack Frost.

Wildflowers are more than a brilliant display. Wildflowers are ancient plants which have evolved over the centuries. They have developed special and unique relationships with the insect world, a world which is flat out necessary to create a planet good for human life. Without the wildflowers, there would be no bees or other pollinators, which, in turn, are essential to our food supply and the origins of a vast array of our medical drugs.

Wildflowers are easy to grow and carefree in the home vegetable or flower garden. They are not high maintenance plants. Their benefits are many. September is a great month to get a wildflower garden planned and even planted for next year or to improve, divide and take care of an existing one. It's good for us, good for the planet, good for the insects.

The bottom line – wildflowers are health care. They draw in insects which help pollinate healthy vegetable and fruits.

Enjoy the the late summer-early fall display. Money can't buy this ancient and brilliant wildflower show, and it's great for one's psyche, another health benefit.

Buy a Book

Looking for some reading? Maybe about wildflowers? Check out the link below to help your local independent bookstore.

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Buy Local – It's Happening All Over the World

This is harvest season, buy local. The fruits and vegetables are home grown and more nutritious. Buying local produce saves on energy, less trucks are needed to haul produce from thousands of miles away. The local growers are often friends and neighbors who have worked hard all year through a particularly tough growing season this year. Support you local growers.
Thanks to Vincent di Fondi for the picture of a local growers market in San Juan, Costa Rica. According to Vincent, local growers sell a large number of fruits and vegetables in these stands and will make a fruit or vegetable drink on the spot for whatever ails you. And I'm betting there are some great jungle wildflowers for sale. Some of the hot peppers grown there are “real hot and tasty”, wouldn't mind trying some.

Clean Water Festival

The Crawford County Conservation District along with dozens of others will hold the annual Clean Water Festival, September 26th. If your in the area be sure to stop by and if you live in the area, make plans. It's free, fun and informative; there will be water dog rescue demos, fly tying and casting demos, conservation art projects, stream critter investigations, stream hikes and much, much more. For more information contact Brian Pilarcik at 814-763-5269 or festival@crawfordconservation.com


The Hayfield Grange will meet September 12 at 1 pm, be sure to dress in old fashion clothing for this meeting. September 18th -19th at the Crawford Fairgrounds the Grange will have a food booth for the annual horse sale. And don't miss October 4th Hayfield Grange Chicken Barb-b-que at noon – this is great food.

On the Subject of Horses

National Adopt a Wild Horse is set for September 26th in 19 locations. The adoption program is sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management to improve the health of the wild horses and to protect natural resources. Be sure to check out the article by Linda Nickerson for more information, give adoption a thought if you have the space and interest.

Click the ad for updates and information. Be informed.

For the Heck of It

September 4th is the Full Corn Moon. Beware. But maybe a good time to enjoy the wildflower shows by moonlight? Did I suggest that?

With schools back in session, here's a little history and the impact the discovery in Titusville improved education.

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