Sunday, August 3, 2008

August arrives

Wow! July is gone. Hard to believe the summer is whipping along so fast.
Christopher has been here the past several days. He is pretty cool at 16 and glad to have him around. I think he is experiencing some things here that he doesn't get a chance to experience at home in Las Vegas -- like picking the blueberries and blackberries which are at their peak right now - and splitting wood.
Hopefully, his future will be better come November when Obama wins the next presidential race (I think he will be elected); the Bush Depression is serious, awful and insulting to common folk.
McShame (aka Bush #3) continues to make a complete fool of himself. It is hard to believe that anyone can support this guy for president. And like I mentioned in the last post, it is disgraceful the way his political machine lies and cheats while dibbling in tabloid gossip stuff instead of focusing on the real issues and real people. The grumpy old man should never hold another public trust -- except maybe as mayor of some desolate western ghost town. Even then, he would probably scare the rats.
On happier news, the garden is doing pretty well and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen and I picked the first beans yesterday. May/June was cold and rainy so everything was off to a late start this year.
I dug up the first bed of garlic and it is looking pretty good so far. The weather forecasts look good, pretty much warm and sunny with a slight chance of rain. There seems to be no major storms in the near future although Friday night there a powerful thunder storm. It happened about 3 a.m. and some people had quite a bit of hail but I didn't hear or see any here.