Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring weather, Jack in the Pulpit, Grange news

There has been a tremendous amount of rain and snow melt over the last couple days. Rainfall amounts range from one to two inches and possibly more in some locations. My small pond, the Frog Bog, was overflowing and flooding some sections briefly.
So the weather did give me some time and I finally found the above photo of a Jack in the Pulpit I took last spring. The native plants are exotic looking and grow well in shady areas with the proper soil conditions. They should start to bloom, with any luck, in about six weeks.
And a quick update, there is new, updated gardening information and links at Rosy Reds, the Frogs and the Vegetable Garden. Just click the title to get there. Click on Jack in the Pulpit for further information.
The Crawford Pomona Grange held a meeting last week at the Hayfield Grange. From the minutes sent by Susan Tau, it must have been a busy yet interesting meeting. The historical presentation was about the Baldwin Reynolds House in Meadville, Pennsylvania. There is quite a fascinating history about the place. Click on Baldwin Reynolds for information on the historic site, it has a fascinating history.
The Pomona Grange normally has some very good history presentations during their meetings. Many times there are local insights that will not be discovered in books and scholarly works.
But the Grange is much more than history; it is an active organization throughout Crawford County will a whole range of activities for every member of the family.
Membership is open to anyone, you don't have to live on a farm or even in a rural area.
Some of the upcoming events are:
1.Pomona fund raiser at Hoss's Steak and Sea Food on April 26; 20 percent of the proceeds are donated to the Grange.
2.The week of April 27th the Mobile Ag Science Lab will be at Maplewood Elementary
3.Pomona sponsored Grange bake sale at H&H in Saegertown on April 11.

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