Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Save Money: Think the Veggie Garden

A frequent comment I've heard over the last few months is this is the year to have a vegetable garden. Food prices have risen, jobs are being lost, and there has been more than one serious health scare about food products during the last year.
The mailbox, to give added impetus to turning over the ground, is filled with glamorous seed catalogs filled with glossy pictures and glowing advertisements.
But a good rule of thumb remains, “Buyer Beware”. It is possible to save a lot of money by growing your own food; it is equally possible to spend more than the effort is worth.
Think about your needs and plan from there. Stay away from exotic claims and varieties which take 90 days or more to mature. Chances are in northwestern Pennsylvania, or anywhere in an agricultural zone 5 Jack Frost will strike that those exotic and tasty peppers or tomatoes dead in their tracks.
Think heirlooms, the seeds can be saved from year to year. And seeds are a much better value and easy to start. Plants are expensive. One exception will be the sale held in Meadville later this year by the Master Gardeners, more on that soon.
It is easy to save money by having a vegetable garden using a tad of common sense.
Just for some unrelated fun reading on local history.
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