Saturday, February 14, 2009

The birds are on the move, another sign

The signs are all around. Even the birds are on the move further northward. The migration is one conclusion of the annual Audubon's annual Christmas bird count (click on the title for the link).
On February 19th (see previous post) Ed Perry of the National Wildlife Association will be the featured speaker at the Crawford County Conservation District awards luncheon. I'm not sure of the exact details, but he will be speaking about global warming and it's effects on hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania.
Rising temperatures and wild swings in weather conditions will have a huge impact for anglers, hunters, trappers, farmers and homeowners. Unchecked, global warming will result in higher water temperatures seriously effecting Pennsylvania trout and other species.
The temperature change will impact our forests and woodland areas; food crops for wildlife, including the deer, will be diminished resulting in fewer deer and other game animals.
The deer harvested in the photo above was taken near Corry, PA. Dan and Adam helped their 14 year old sister who shot the buck, her first.
Hunting and fishing traditions are on the brink of extinction. For Pennsylvania hunters, and elsewhere, a quality of life and a culture could very easily be the victim of Greenhouse Gas Genocide.
What is your opinion? Can individuals and organizations help to change the tide of impending environmental change?