Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Maddness: Get Ready

The Grange, a longtime staple in rural living, is alive and well throughout the northwestern Pennsylvania region. Crawford County alone has over a dozen active Grange Halls including the Hayfield Grange, the oldest and the largest Grange Hall in Crawford County.
On Saturday, March 7th, the Hayfield Grange will host a Pomona Grange (the county wide Grange). The meeting opens at noon with a luncheon.
Membership in the Grange is open to all, you don't have to live on a farm or even a rural area. There seems like an unending list of different activities for the entire family always going on in the organization as well as a wide range of community service projects. The Hayfield Grange Hall is located in Hayfield Township, Crawford County at the intersection of Grange Center and Broadford Roads.
If your interested in the Grange, just show up. It's a good starting point for the entire family and individuals.
The weather seems to be breaking, though certainly there will be some more nasty weather. But winter is just about gone. Already we have just over 11 hours of daylight (Note: Clocks go ahead March 8th).
There is a lot to do in March, maybe more so this year than in the past several years. Winter is a good time to prune the blueberry bushes,to get a good crop later this summer. Until now, the snow has been too deep to get that job done. Winter this year was messy and there seems to be a lot of clean-up work to do. How is your yard/garden?
Apples trees and other fruit tree should also be pruned now before the weather gets too warm.
And I may as well note this important date: March 1st is National Pig Day, a day designated to celebrate one of our most intelligent farm animals.
For some added insights and information of spring garden tips, go to Rosy Reds, the Frogs and the Vegetable Garden.