Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rosy reds, the Frogs and the Vegetable Garden

I'd like to take a post here to mention a new web site I have: Rosy reds, Frogs and the Vegetable Garden at Helium. Please, click on the title to view it. The site is still under construction to some degree and I am cleaning up some dumb erros, so there will be some changes here and there. I'd appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.
The new, larger site will have more diverse and detailed information but will not replace Koyote Hill which is more focused on the quality of rural/country life,events, the issues and concerns of northwestern Pennsylvania.
Rosy Red's are minnows, actually a variation of flathead minnows.I put a couple hundred of them in the Frog Bog, a small pond which is rapidly becoming the center of the backyard vegetable garden. My friend Jeff and I netted the minnows out of his dad's pond one day in early October.
The Frog Bog has been there for a long time and one section of it was deepened in late September. It was always a neat place for frogs, like spring peeps, leopards and bull frogs, salamanders, turtles and dozens of native bog type plants. Any suggestions for plants?
On one side of the Frog Bog is the veggie garden and on the other side is a new and enlarged herb garden. Suggestions on herbs to plant also welcome. And in both place, several pollinator gardens to attract native bees, butterflies and other insects. A wooden footbridge connects the two areas.
So there is a lot of bio-diversity back there and a lot of interaction. Besides, it is just neat to listen to the bull frogs when weeding and swatting gnats. But Rosy Red's will be the story/journal of what is happening, how things are growing, and living.
One day this winter, we saw the Rosy reds swimming under the ice which was like a piece of glass that day. They are a brilliant orange color. Hopefully, the clear ice conditions happen again so I can grab a photograph. It really was an amazing sight. So the picture is a friend and neighbor, Mike. We were checking the thickness of the ice. It was thick enough to walk on, thankfully. The other photos are of some iris blooming and the dog on the footbridge, the first snowfall of the year.
Check Rosy Reds
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