Sunday, August 31, 2008

McShame's Baked Alaska Melts the GOP

The Democratic Convention in Denver was historic, dramatic and amplified the stark contrasts between the political parties. Bill Clinton's speech was just terrific as was Joe Biden's. Both helped to forge a people's agenda.
During the primaries, I became somewhat disillusioned with Bill Clinton; I think he got pretty snarly and petty. But he rose above the fray, and in my estimation, I re-learned a lot of admiration and respect for him.
Biden was just super and what a stark difference from the Cheney mentality!
Obama was unbelievably good. He really got the the stadium fired up on the last night. I think his acceptance will will go down in history as one of the most important in American politics. He clarified his values and his life and set forth a detailed agenda for his presidency. His acceptance speech came on the anniversary of King's "I have a Dream." speech in the Washington Mall.
The Republicans, on the other hand, continued to demonstrate their crass political agenda and pettiness. I really think this is a political party in deep trouble ( and I think most of the party members realize it). The GOP comes across as being political animals who would sell off their own mother's for a vote; a snarly, petty group who aren't really interested in the country, only their own agenda.
McShame announced his choice for vice-president, the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. She has only been Governor for two years and before that was a mayor of a small town. While the woman does have some good attributes as far as the outdoors, she likes hunting and fishing, she is hardly a good choice for the second slot on the GOP ticket. She is relatively an unknown who has zero foreign policy experience.
This selection comes at a time when the nation is at war, the economy is near a depression and there is a myriad of problems on the home front - poverty, crime, a a failing educational system.
What was McShame even thinking? And to think he is now 72 years old and selects someone who is so inexperienced? Was it crass politics to get more women to vote for him? Or was it a crass attempt to throw a curve ball into the election with a surprise announcement? Or both?
Sarah Palin, from what I have read and seen so far, is not an environmentalist. She wants more drilling for oil in Alaska to solve the energy crisis. Hardly, an intelligent position when we should be freeing ourselves of the yoke of oil.
Her selection is perhaps the biggest blunder yet. One has to question, seriously, McShame's judgement. This was simply foolish and will only deepen the demise of the GOP.
In other horrible news, Hurricane Gustav is a monster storm ready to hit the Gulf Coast, which is being evacuated. It could be the storm of the century. I hope not but it does not look real good. I am sure that some Republicans will find a way to blame the Democrats.
The monster storm comes on the heel of the three year anniversary of Katrina. While Bush and McShame celebrated his birthday over 1,500 Americans were killed, thousands lost their homes, and thousands were stranded without food, water and proper sanitation. The government's response to the crisis was nothing short of a complete debacle and disaster.
This is Labor weekend, on a somewhat lighter note, and the weather here is just great; warm sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Actually, here we could use a little rain, it has been dry of late.
But then again, winter is coming, and the only hopeful change will be the great democratic victory in early November.