Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This election is about the future

Hillary Clinton's speech at the convention last night was brilliant. I was somewhat disappointed with her during the primary elections because of her attitudes towards Obama, but she redeemed herself more than a hundred percent.

Yup, there are critics that say she should have gone on the attack more but I am not convinced of that. It was a very important speech on the anniversary of Women's Suffrage.

She campaigned very hard and had her heart and soul into the primary election, but let's face it, she lost. And last night I thought she was very gracious.

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled for this evening. I have a gut feeling he is going to go after McShame even more and really throw a lot of support to Obama. Bill will really bring the unity among the Dem's to the forefront and his support will prove to be crucial to the fall campaign.

Three others I heard last night were really powerful as well. The Governor of Montana, Schwerfzer, had the delegates on their feet a number of times. He tied in the country's energy crisis with McShame "plantations" spread across the country.

John Warner, a candidate for US Senator from Virginia and a former governor was equally as good. In particular, I liked his comments that this election is about the future not the past.

Bob Casey, the US Senator from Pennsylvania was also very, very good and threw a lot of support towards Obama. In particular, he mentioned that he disagrees with Barak on the issue of abortion, but yet, he and Barak can still work together and we all need to because we simply can not live under another four years of the same tragedy Bush and crowd have created.

So much for last nights politics, the left overs from Hurricane Fay could start to spread some rain here beginning later today, a little rain wouldn't hurt. Though southern rains sometimes bring a blight to this region vegetable crops, mainly tomatoes.

One of the almanac, I think it is the Farmers Almanac, is calling for a pretty brutal winter here in northwestern Pennsylvania. To me they are all sort of brutal but kind of fun too. But that means, I need to get back in the woods for more firewood.