Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something Happin Here

I watched the opening of the Democratic Convention last night, while not the entire event. I missed the early hours and then turned the television on just before Caroline Kennedy introduced a video of her uncle Sen. Ted Kennedy.
He was given a rousing and emotional greeting and still had the great Kennedy flair, intensity and charisma. He's dealing with brain cancer.
Michelle Obama was just terrific. Granted, she was likely prompted by speech writers and advisers and had a goal to accomplish. She just came across as a strong, good woman, a human being like all of us. There were no snippy airs, but rather just a homespun simplicity and honesty.
It was a remarkable opening, and the videos of the other speakers and the interviews with delegates and observers all had a common thread. The Hope and the Dream of equality and opportunity.
I sense there is something very important going on here. Certainly, I was watching American History unfold, but it is also World History in the making, unfolding a new direction for all people.
I get the sense, the opening was a real watershed moment for all of us. This election, and the eventual Obama presidency, will be more than a political event.
Maybe, that is overly hopeful, but "something is happenin here."