Friday, August 15, 2008

Tomatoes, Golden Rods and the cornered rat.

Today, actually this evening, I first noticed the golden rods beginning to bloom. Summer is on the wane but September and October can be really nice weather months.
The tomatoes and beans are going pretty good and every day I am able to pick some to eat or give away. If nothing happens, like a killer blight, I am going to be swamped with tomatoes. I have about 260 plants which look okay so far, nothing really terrific but still...and finally the watermelons took off, there are about two dozen at different stages and the plants are covered with yellow blossoms. I plant a smaller, short season melon called Black Tail Mountain. They are good.
We had a powerful hail, thunder and lightning storm Monday evening. It did some damage to the vegetables in the garden but not all that bad;bruised up a few tomatoes and sliced some plants here and there.
The more I see and hear John McCain (aka McShame) the more I think the guy is loosing his grip. Yesterday, some not-so-talented writer by the name of Corsi released a hate-spite-awful book about Obama. I read some excerpts and it is just literally enough to make a sane person vomit. McShames response was tasteless and something to the effect about the need for humor. And this is the guy who told us all he wanted to run a decent, upright campaign! Actually, the presumptive GOP candidate has been acting like a rat in a corner. How anyone can vote for this guy is way beyond my imagination.