Monday, August 25, 2008

The Woodshed

The Democratic Convention opened this afternoon in Denver. I think it is sort of a "Forest Gump" moment in American History. Somewhere in the future, it's true importance will be realized. At the moment, I don't hear a lot of people talking about it, or for that matter, even the upcoming election. But there is sure to be more discussion about the candidates as October unfolds.
John McShame still comes across to me as a vindictive, grumpy old man, whose starting to loose his grip on reality. I don't think his GOP handlers are doing him any favors.
This past week, the McShame couldn't even remember how many homes he owned (McPlantation) while wearing his $500 Italian loafers. The GOP handlers defense was plain stupid..well he was a POW. Good Grief!
They have been using this POW line almost daily and it has absolutely nothing to do with the price of butter...any where in the world.
All of the drama aside, I still think, the GOP misrepresentations of the truth, of the honest facts, is what is most troublesome for me. They are setting a horrific example for younger generations. To tell a lie is okay. To bear false witness is okay. I don't hear any neo-right winger Christians saying otherwise. The GOP has taught a whole generations that the truth is not important and it is okay to lie.
On a lighter note, the weather here in northwestern Pennsylvania is changing; there is a coolness in the air, and the sun is slipping away quicker and quicker. The local community fairs are about half over; the Celebrate Erie fest is over, Crawford ended this past weekend, while Wattsburg opened. Next weekend, Waterford and Spartansburg open. I haven't made it to one of them yet.
September/October can be great months, then it is time to look out. Winter will soon settle in for the next four or five months and I need to get busy cutting splitting and stacking wood.
And that's a thought, someone should take McPlantation out behind the woodshed,